Month: June 2019

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Op-Ed: More Accountability Should Be Endgame For Charter Schools

Chiera, NJ Spotlight

Illegally or not, charter schools take money for schools and students out of the very communities where it is most needed
donna m chiera spotlight
While “Avengers: Endgame” is smashing records at the box office, the hundreds of millions in precious public dollars that flowed to for-profit management companies and real estate concerns associated with charter schools — as the…

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Rutgers Gives Itself Great Report Card, Leader Of Faculty Union Differs

Sitrin, NJ Spotlight

Five-year report celebrates achievements in funding, construction and diversity; union official takes issue, particularly on tuition


“It’s a mixed bag,” David Hughes, professor of anthropology and vice president of the Rutgers American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers faculty union said. “There are bright spots for which President [Robert] Barchi should take credit, but those are overwhelmed by his failures and his misunderstanding of public higher education.”…

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With contract about to expire, Newark Teachers Union says new deal with district is ‘very close’

Wall, Chalkbeat

The school year is over in Newark, but a big question lingers for teachers trying to budget for summer vacations or just pay the bills: How much will they earn this fall?

Union and district officials are still hammering out a contract for next school year that will determine how much Newark’s roughly 2,700 teachers are paid and how they can qualify for annual salary increases, which currently are tied to classroom performance.…

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Perth Amboy teachers reach contract agreement, students petition for better communication

PERTH AMBOY – An agreement in principle has been reached on a three-year contract between the Perth Amboy teachers union and board of education.

The agreement, which comes after more than a year of negotiations, protests and petitions from parents and students, was announced Friday in a release from Patricia Paradiso, a teacher at Robert N.…

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Negotiating since November, North Bergen teachers union urges BOE to approve new contract

Locked in negotiations since November, the North Bergen Federation of Teachers came out strong on Wednesday evening to urge the board of education to approve a new contract.

“I wanted people that are teachers to come up here tonight so you could see the people you are dealing with. Sometimes we get caught up with the negotiating team, it’s the negotiating team, but it’s not just the negotiating team: these are the people I’m representing,” said North Bergen Federation of Teachers President Elizabeth Lynch.…

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Perth Amboy teachers, school board at impasse in contract talks

Suzanne Russell, Bridgewater Courier News

PERTH AMBOY – Perth Amboy Superintendent of Schools David Roman recently received a three-year extension to his contract with a raise, along with a $30,000 bonus, and district teachers say that’s unfair, especially since when they have been working without a contract for nearly a year.

Members of the Perth Amboy Federation/American Federation of Teachers rallied last week outside district schools to protest the disparity.…

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Part-Time Lecturers Ratify New Contract With Rutgers

Sitrin, NJ Spotlight

Union leader says next step is a fight for healthcare benefits for the university’s part-time lecturers

After prolonged and tense negotiations — and division within their union — part-time lecturers at Rutgers University voted to ratify a new contract agreement.

“It was a union priority, and a priority of our membership, to create a clear and direct career path, to end the cycle at Rutgers of hiring an army of adjuncts as interchangeable, temporary freelance employees,” Teresa Politano, president of the part-time faculty union said in an email on Friday after votes had been tallied.…

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Raritan Valley Community College teachers union pushes for higher raises, new contracts

Nick Muscavage, Bridgewater Courier News

BRANCHURG – The teachers union at Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) is putting pressure on the administration to schedule a date for contract bargaining.

Pattiann Kletz, president of RVCC Faculty Federation-American Federation of Teachers, said instructors at the college are “frustrated with substandard wage proposals and lack of progress” and called on the administration to “show good faith” and schedule a new day to start bargaining in earnest.…

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