PERS State Workers: Nominate Carey Brown for Trustee

Carey Brown
Carey Brown

All State employees are eligible to vote on PERS Board nominations by visiting Please log in and sign on to nominate Carey Brown before 5:00 PM on Jan. 5.

“After serving one term on the PERS Board, it is clear that State Workers need someone from the rank and file who understands our issues.

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State unions: Change desperately needed in managing N.J. public pension funds

By Charles Wowkanech

Union pension trustees almost fell out of their chairs at last week’s State Investment Council meeting, when Chairman Tom Byrne boldly declared that “the pension funds are healthy until 2025.”

Perhaps he missed the record high 11 credit downgrades the state has suffered during Gov. Chris Christie’s term – the most of any governor in our state’s history.…

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Funding the Pension Long Game

Over the past year, AFT New Jersey leaders and activists have been working intensely on building support for an amendment to the state constitution to mandate quarterly pension payments. Our members distributed educational literature about the benefits of the measure, knocked on doors to talk to other union members and made phone calls to raise awareness of the importance of funding public worker pensions.…

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Guaranteed Funding For State Pensions Probably Won’t Make Ballot

John Reitmeyer

Sweeney continues to tie the amendment to getting a veto-proof majority for his plan to renew the Transportation Trust Fund

Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) was supported by advocates for seniors and the disabled as well as union and construction representatives.

With the deadline for final legislative approval of a proposed constitutional amendment to boost public-employee pension funding now just days away, it appears more likely than ever that it will not be put before voters this fall.…

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New Jersey slashes hedge fund allocation amid poor returns

By Svea Herbst-Bayliss

New Jersey’s state pension fund plans to slash its hedge fund investments by half, becoming the latest large investor to protest high fees and poor returns after New York and California made similar moves.

The New Jersey Investment Council on Wednesday unanimously voted to reduce its exposure to hedge funds to 6 percent from 12.5 percent, the state and a union official said.…

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