Workers Striking Across Country in Face of Attack on Public Sector

AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera said, “Being forced into a strike is always the last resort for workers—the dedicated school system in West Virginia and graduate workers at the University of Illinois—are no exceptions. I am an educator first and hate for any child to miss school, but the long-term benefits of having a better education system in West Virginia are worth the short time schools remain closed.…

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Chiera On Appointment of Zakiya Smith Ellis for Secretary of Higher Education

AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera said: “We believe that higher education is a public good and encourage Governor Murphy to make sure that the incoming Secretary of Higher Education has the support and tools to make higher education more readily available to New Jersey students and families. As the largest higher education union in New Jersey, we have long advocated for more coordination at the state level so that our schools have incentives to cooperate and collaborate rather than competing for resources and in programs.…

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Brookdale Community College Adjunct Faculty Unionize

EDISON…More than 450 adjunct faculty at Brookdale Community College have voted to unionize and join the largest higher education union in the state, according to Joan Carroll, who teaches math at the school and is a member of the new union’s leadership team.  “We stuck together and now have our unified official voice for interacting with Brookdale’s administration along with a forum of communication among adjuncts,” Carroll said.…

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Chiera on the Appointment of Dr. Lamont Repollet for Commissioner of Education

“We are grateful to have a Governor with whom we share a vision for education policy that strengthens schools as vital centers for communities, shifts emphasis away from high stakes testing and respects the voices of educators. With a commitment from the state to provide the necessary resources, an accomplished and experienced Commissioner in Dr. Repollet, and the education community working together, we are highly optimistic in a brighter future for New Jersey’s students and families.”

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NJIT Adjunct Faculty Union Reaches First Agreement

Salary increases, professional development, opportunities for promotions key

NEWARK…New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) adjunct faculty reached a tentative agreement for their first union contract with the university, which promises to raise pay, create a grievance procedure and enhance professional development opportunities. Pay per credit would rise to a $1,500 minimum for the spring semester, which starts this month, and $1,550 for fall semester, which starts in September.…

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