AFTNJ Leaders Call for Affordability Commission Recommendations To Move Through Legislative Process

EDISON…Leaders of AFT New Jersey praised the Senate Higher Education committee for passing legislation to better inform students about college costs, curb excessive fees and protect students and their families from abusive student debt collections practices. “We have a long way to go to strengthen higher education in New Jersey, but we are heartened that elected representatives are taking action,” said AFT New Jersey Executive Vice President for Higher Education, Dr.…

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Education Justice is Racial Justice #reclaimourschools

AFT New Jersey has signed on with the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools in calling for strong schools in strong communities: “We know that strong schools depend on strong communities. We tie our fight for education justice to fights for economic justice, racial justice and all those who struggle for a more just and fair America and world.”


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Chiera Calls For Elimination of Standardized Student Test Results In Evaluating Educators

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Chiera said, “Teaching and learning are more than passing or failing a standardized test. Just as there are many multiple measures of success in life, students coming from so many different backgrounds with different advantages and challenges cannot objectively be held to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ framework in testing. Accordingly, tying educators’ evaluations, which could lead to loss of pay or even a job, does not make good policy sense.…

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Rutgers unrestricted reserves rise to $770 million

By Nick Huber

While students continue to pay a rising tuition, Rutgers University holds $770 million in reserves, although the use of these funds and where it comes from is unclear.

Rutgers spokesperson E.J. Miranda said unrestricted funds are accumulated over time and designated by the University to support specific programs ranging from funding education to student activities to agricultural experiment station activities.…

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To make college affordable, help students graduate faster, N.J. panel says

By Jonathan Lai, Staff Writer

A college degree in New Jersey is too expensive and often takes too long to complete, and many families have little understanding of the full cost and options available.

That’s the picture painted by a report released this week by a panel created by the Legislature to study college affordability in New Jersey.…

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