Majority of New Jerseyans give their hometowns, schools positive ratings

But poll finds upbeat outlook toward entire state down slightly

NJ state mapTwo in three New Jerseyans rate the state as either an excellent (15 percent) or good (47 percent) place to live, a figure that is down slightly from an October survey, according to a Monmouth University Poll made public Tuesday.

However, ratings of residents’ own towns stand at 33 percent excellent and 41 percent good.…

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Newark mayor vows to fight plan to dismantle University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey


Newark Mayor Cory Booker vowed Tuesday to “consider every option” – from lawsuits to legislative action – to “trip up” the plan that dismantles the city-based University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Booker voiced his strongest opposition yet to the proposal unveiled by Governor Christie late last month that would reorder public higher education in the New Jersey.…

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From Snobs to ‘Pointy-Headed College Professors’ to ‘Eggheads’

By Emma Roller

When Rick Santorum called President Obama “a snob” for wanting more Americans to attend college, it caused quite a stir, leading some fellow Republicans to distance themselves from the remarks.

“There are good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor to try to indoctrinate them,” continued Mr.…

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‘Youps’: Newark’s expensive, excess school staff

By Joan Whitlow/For The Star-Ledger
Joseph Del Grosso, the Newark Teachers Union president, protested that he’s seen the list and that none of the teachers on it has complaints or reviews on file that would trigger tenure charges or disciplinary action.

One of the problems, I’ve been told, is that principals don’t always write up teachers the way they should, because of everything from friendship to a belief that nothing comes of it.…

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