A Snapshot of Newark’s New School Year: Pivotal and Promising

[…] Joseph DelGrosso, head of the Newark Teachers Union, has commended Anderson for her inclusion of the union in the development of the teacher evaluation pilot, he said other places still need work, with agreements not yet in place on extended days and other extraordinary measures for the lowest-performing schools.

“I’m hoping for a smooth opening, but there are some still unresolved issues,” said DelGrosso. “I have a lot of apprehension.”

And he wasn’t backing down on what has become a new mission for the NTU, the return of local control to the district. With the union’s backing, the district’s local advisory board this month voted to legally challenge the state’s continued control, filing an appeal with the state Board of Education on Monday.

“We will get out of takeover, whether they like it or not, “DelGrosso said yesterday.