Month: October 2019

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Rutgers University’s Bob Barchi says he has no regrets. Here’s how the school has grown

Catherine Carrera, North Jersey Record

‘Antagonistic’ to the faculty?
On the academic side, Barchi has seen pressure mount to a near-strike from his unionized faculty.

Faculty and students stormed in on Board of Governors meetings throughout the past year demanding that Barchi meet their requests as contract negotiations ensued. In the spring, the largest union, representing 8,000 faculty members, threatened to strike if an agreement wasn’t reached by a certain date.…

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A world of research supports dropping 10th-grade tests: N.J. teachers union

Donna M. Chiera, Star Ledger Guest Columnist

To improve education results in New Jersey, an emphasis that prioritizes mitigating the impact of income inequality and racial segregation would go far further than continuing failed policies of excessive high stakes testing.

New Jersey policymakers should reflect on the multitude of information available supporting the current proposal before the state Board of Education to eliminate redundant, unnecessary testing of 10th graders and act accordingly.…

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North Bergen Federation Contract

North Bergen educators ratified a new three-year contract after calling on the board of education to bargain and participating in unity actions to show solidarity within the district. The union reported reaching a tentative agreement August 28 and members voted to ratify on September 17.

President Elizabeth Lynch reported that an overwhelming majority of members voted in favor of the three-year contract, which reduced health insurance costs by five percent with raises averaging more than three percent per year.…

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Critics again blast Rutgers over football program in wake of head coach’s ouster

Santana, NJTVNews

Among the biggest critics is the faculty union, claiming Rutgers — which spends $94 million a year on sports — has lost $200 million since joining the NCAA conference in 2014.

“Once again, we’re faced with a huge bill for someone to not work for Rutgers,” the union said in a joint statement with administrators at the school.…

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