Month: September 2019

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Global Climate Strike demonstrates mass movement to address climate change

On Sept. 20, cities and towns across the globe swelled with an estimated 4 million activists demanding their governments address climate change. Led by students and supported by hundreds of organizations including the AFT, the uprising, held days before the Sept. 23 United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York, is thought to be the largest demonstration for climate action in history, and it underscored young people’s passionate commitment to saving the planet.…

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Sen Booker Introduced Legislation to Increase Teacher Compensation

Black Star News

Through refundable tax credits, the Respect, Advancement, and Increasing Support for Educators (RAISE) Act will help boost the compensation of early childhood, elementary, and secondary school teachers. Depending on the level of poverty in their school, public school teachers would be eligible for a tax credit up to $10,000. The bill would also double the educator tax credit, which teachers can use to offset the cost of school supplies.…

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Rutgers staff shut out of presidential search committee, union says

Star-Ledger Guest Columnist, Kathryn Neal

The search for the next Rutgers University president is underway. There is only one problem: 13,000 unionized staff have been shut out of the 23-member search committee. Executives from Rutgers governing boards and management have 10 seats; faculty have 11; and students have two. The exclusion is deliberate and part of a long-term pattern of Rutgers management disregarding staff.…

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Who Should Be Rutgers Next President? Someone Who Prioritizes Carbon Neutrality, Staff Say

Catherine Carrera, North Jersey Record

The next president of Rutgers University should be someone willing to commit the school to carbon neutrality, according to staff and faculty who spoke at two recent town hall sessions that were part of the university’s process to choose a new leader.

“The number one priority for the next president of Rutgers is going to be to make Rutgers carbon neutral,” said Robert Scott, an associate professor in the anthropology department.…

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For one Newark charter school not in session, the clock is ticking

Briana Vannozzi, NJTV News

The struggling charter failed to open on time for the 2019-2020 school year, and now its students are being bussed out to various community centers throughout the state. While the school is asking for parents’ patience and understanding as the situation is dealt with, the president of Newark’s teachers union is calling for an investigation, claiming a lack of oversight for charter schools is an ongoing issue in the state.…

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