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Key Issues of Economic Security, Retirement, Health Care Mobilize Members

Talking to members about economic security and equity, including having secure retirement and quality health care is key to safeguarding workers’ rights through strong unions, AFT president Randi Weingarten told Rowan AFT 2373 members Tuesday. AFT New Jersey president Donna Chiera, Rowan AFT president Joe Basso and College Council president Tim Haresign hosted Weingarten and State Senate president Steve Sweeney, who represents the district and is an Ironworkers union leader.…

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Chris Christie’s administration violated teachers contract, arbitrator says.

By Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

The school district of Newark violated key terms of a 2012 groundbreaking contract it had signed with the Newark Teachers Union, an arbitrator just ruled, and now it owes millions of dollars to public school teachers. The district was then entirely run by the administration of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has long had a contentious relationship with teachers and their union.…

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Memo To Next Governor: Appoint Blue Ribbon Panel On Higher Education

Colleen O’Dea, Spotlight NJ

State support for higher education has diminished markedly in past two decades, while tuition has gone up without making more funding available to low-income and middle-class students

New Jersey’s next governor needs to raise the profile of higher education, provide more funding for colleges and low-income students, and bring the public back into the process of higher education planning and oversight, urges a new report.…

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Teachers entitled to longevity raises, arbitrator finds

Karen Yi, NJ Advance Media for

NEWARK — An arbitrator has found the Newark school district violated terms of the 2012 teachers contract that received unified praise from Gov. Chris Christie and national union leaders for being a landmark agreement between often warring parties.

Responding to a series of grievances filed by the Newark Teachers Union in 2013, an arbitrator last month said the Newark school district violated certain provisions, including failing to give employees promised payments for longevity.…

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As NJEA continues fight with Sweeney, AFT gives endorsement

Brenda Flanagan, Senior Correspondent

Third Legislative District Democrat Steve Sweeney got hugs and kudos Tuesday from the other teachers union at Rowan University. The American Federation of Teachers has endorsed the incumbent Senate president’s re-election, despite disagreements on some issues like public employee pensions.

“And don’t you think we had a couple of harsh words with each other when that pension deal was going on a few years ago?…

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Middlesex County Freeholder Director Ron Rios on Union-Busting Law Firm Jackson Lewis

“I may not agree with who they choose as a law firm, but I don’t have the vote there as to who they can hire and fire as a law firm,” said Ron Rios, Middlesex County Freeholder Director, when questioned about Middlesex County College engaging notorious union-busting law firm Jackson Lewis to handle contract negotiations with the faculty.…

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‘Why Is Middlesex County Health Insurance So Expensive?’ Ask County College Faculty

County run program charges up to 40% more than comparable state plans

EDISON…Based on rates published by the Middlesex County Joint Health Insurance Fund (JHIF), family care with prescription costs up to $50,000 per year, while comparable plans offered by the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) cost approximately $30,000, according to Charles Dolan, Middlesex County College Technical Services Librarian, a member of the local American Federation of Teachers chapter.…

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Contentious school board meeting held to discuss mold mess

By Chris Franklin

MONROE TWP. — The mold controversy that has become a concern for many residents who live in the Monroe Township School District found its way to the Williamstown High School auditorium Monday. The hall, which holds over 1,020 people was so packed that the township fire marshal had to tell people to line up outside in the hallways.…

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As it grows, Rowan considers trimming ranks of adjuncts, adding full-time faculty

By Jan Hefler, Staff Writer

As Rowan University grows by leaps and bounds, the administration is scrutinizing the role of adjuncts, the part-time professors who fill in the gaps in the teaching ranks.

Three months after raises were granted to adjuncts with the heaviest course loads, the administration is weighing whether it would be more economical to reduce their ranks and increase the number of full-time professors.…

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Newark Teachers Union Wins Huge Arbitration Award

NEWARK, N.J.—An arbitrator has found (link is external) that the state violated many of the terms of the 2012 contract agreement it signed with the Newark Teachers Union—and which Gov. Chris Christie lauded at a news conference—and owes hundreds of Newark public school teachers millions of dollars.

The Newark Teachers Union filed grievances over the district’s failure to implement several provisions of the 2012 contract.…

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Newark Teachers Union Wins Big In Arbitration, State Must Pay Millions For Violating Contract

By Doug Cunningham

The Newark Teachers Union has won a big arbitration victory that awarded millions of dollars to hundreds of teachers. The arbitrator decided that the state of New Jersey violated a 2012 collective bargaining agreement by reneging on major provisions the state had agreed to. AFT President Randi Weingarten said “Gov. Christie and his appointees really didn’t care about respecting educators or making Newark public schools better, so they ignored the aspects of the then-new contract that enabled teacher voice and professionalism.”…

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