Month: August 2014

Higher Ed NewsStudent debt

How much does it cost to go to college in N.J.?: Tuition at 4-year colleges continue to rise

By Kelly Heyboer, The Star-Ledger

NEWARK — Students at Ramapo College and the College of St. Elizabeth will get a reprieve this year. But undergraduates at the rest of New Jersey’s four-year colleges will have to dig a little deeper to pay their tuition bills as they return to campus this semester.

Across the state, cash-strapped students called on their colleges to freeze tuition.…

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Higher Ed News

Sussex County college trustees should have known ethics rules, experts say

By Seth Augenstein, The Star-Ledger

NEWTON — The three Sussex County Community College trustees who were on the payroll of an engineering firm they also hired at the school weren’t aware of their ethical obligations required by state law and the school’s ethics code, an independent investigation found Monday.

But experts doubt that.

“If they say they are unaware, then they are lying or incompetent,” said Brigid Harrison, a professor of political science at Montclair State University.…

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Clifton volunteer earns Everyday Hero award

By Maggie Katz, Correspondent, Clifton Journal

CLIFTON — Super heroes are extraordinary: they fly, can bench-press cars, and some can leap tall buildings in a single bound. They are not average people. In the face of such incredible fiction, it leaves the rest of us feeling a bit lackluster. However, there is hope. Cliftonite Krystal Woolston is a community service volunteer whose repertoire may rival even Superman.…

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Newark Teachers UnionPre-K to 12 News

Newark teachers, parents and students file lawsuit to stop school reorganization

By Peggy McGlone, The Star-Ledger

NEWARK — A coalition of Newark parents, teachers and students has filed a civil rights complaint with the state Department of Education to stop the city’s school reorganization plan from going into effect next month.

An attorney, Robert Pickett, filed the complaint on behalf of 24 people who who the One Newark plan is “defacto racial segregation” that violates the state’s constitution.…

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Higher Ed News

Rutgers trustees looking for legal advice on governance overhaul after Sweeney ultimatum

By Kelly Heyboer, The Star-Ledger

NEW BRUNSWICK — Under pressure from state Senate President Stephen Sweeney, Rutgers University’s board of trustees will meet behind closed doors early next month to discuss the legal implications of a proposed overhaul of the state university’s governance system, school officials said.

The trustees have scheduled a Sept. 2 special meeting in Winants Hall on the New Brunswick campus, according to an Open Public Meetings notice filed by the university last week.…

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Higher Ed News

Bills finally address college sexual assaults with victim advocates, crime reports: Editorial

Star-Ledger Editorial Board

When a college student is raped, universities often play conflicting roles of cop, counselor, judge and jury — with little incentive to see that real justice is done. As a result, victims too often choose to suffer silently rather than report their attacker.

Those unreported crimes make for an incomplete picture, but the numbers we have are staggering: 1 in 5 female college students will be sexually assaulted, and 88 percent of those attacks will never be reported.…

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Pre-K to 12 NewsTeacher Evaluation

Fine Print: “Student Growth Objective” Process Anything But Simple

By John Mooney

State education officials offer examples of how goals fit into revamped teacher evaluations

What it is: State Department of Education staff on Wednesday presented the State Board of Education with an outline and examples of how the process works for setting “student growth objectives,” which are agreed-upon measures that every teacher must use as part of their annual evaluations.…

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Adjunct IssuesAFT NewsAFTNJ NewsHigher Ed NewsMediaPress Clips

After the First Contract

By Colleen Flaherty

NEW YORK – How can adjunct unions keep their members engaged after their first contracts have been negotiated? And what’s next on various higher education unions’ agendas? Those and other questions were the focus of a session on adjunct organizing at the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor conference, or COCAL, here Tuesday.


Donna Nebenzahl, adjunct professor of journalism at Concordia University in Montreal and part of its Part-Time Faculty Association, said adjuncts at her institution have made that leap and are reaping the benefits.…

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Higher Ed NewsTuition Equity

Rutgers scholarship a milestone for immigrant activist

By Patricia Alex, Staff Writer, The Record

Governor Christie derided Giancarlo Tello and the group he was with as “professional protesters” at a recent town hall meeting, but officials at Rutgers University saw something else in the 24-year-old activist.

Tello was a leader in the successful fight to gain in-state tuition rates at New Jersey’s public colleges and universities for students like himself who are in the country illegally.…

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Pre-K to 12 NewsTenure

Celebrated Trial Lawyer to Head Group Challenging Teacher Tenure

By Motoko Rich

[…] Teachers’ unions say the lawsuits against tenure demonize educators and ignore real problems. “The bigger issue is how do you attract and retain great teachers into schools and how do you address the many issues that are created by poverty?” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, the country’s second largest teachers’ union, who called the lawsuits “smoke screens.”… Read More