Month: September 2011

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Campus Labor Unions Show Solidarity

Walks on campus increase visibility
-By Alan Akins, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, faculty, professional staff, librarians and other members of labor unions on campus participated in the first weekly Solidarity Walk sponsored by the American Federations of Teachers (AFT) Local 1904.

Solidarity Walks start at Café Diem each Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. and follow a mile-long route ending at the Alumni Green.…

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Education Dept. to Propose New Accountability Gauge for Teacher-Training Programs

Kelly Field, Washington

The Education Department will release a report on Friday calling for new regulations that would tie teacher-training grants to the test scores of the teachers’ students.

According to sources familiar with the report, the department wants to hold teachers’ colleges accountable for how well their graduates’ future students perform on standardized tests. Under its plan, states would be required to report test scores for students taught by graduates of their federally financed teacher-education programs.…

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SUNY Union Adds Measures for Adjunct Faculty

The Delegate Assembly of the United University Professions, the faculty union of the State University of New York, has adopted a package of measures designed to promote the interests of non-tenure-track faculty members. The UUP, affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of University Professors, pledged to adopt a system in which adjuncts who go on and off payroll can remain members of the union.…

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Legislature Passes Charter Bill, But Advocates and Critics Want More Changes

Parochial school conversion measure passes, although reception remains in doubt
By John Mooney

One change to New Jersey’s charter school law passed the legislature yesterday, while talk mounts that a broader rewrite of the state’s 15-year-old statute governing the semi-autonomous schools may be in the offing.

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The state Senate passed a bill that would allow certain parochial and private schools to convert to charters.…

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Pietro Petino, who led Newark teachers union through 4 strikes, dies after battle with cancer

SPRINGFIELD — Pietro Petino, remembered as one of the loudest voices for teachers’ labor rights in Newark, died at his home Friday night after a nearly 15-month battle with cancer.

The 68-year-old Springfield resident spent more than 40 years working with the Newark Teachers Union, Local 481, serving most recently as the union’s executive director.

“He was a huge part of the union, from the day that I started teaching back in 1970.…

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$100M grant from Mark Zuckerberg begins to have effect on Newark schools

Newark Teachers Union President Joe Del Grosso said he is troubled by the ongoing secrecy surrounding the Facebook donation.

“We don’t know what the foundation is doing or how they intend to spend the other money,” Del Grosso said. “With that money comes a responsibility to the public to be clear about its use.”


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In Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson merger, University Hospital in Newark must be protected

Star-Ledger Editorial Board

Gov. Chris Christie commissioned a task force, which has recommended the merging of Rutgers University and parts of UMDNJ.

Rutgers is our flagship state university with an enormous commitment to science and health, but it doesn’t have a medical school. Robert Wood Johnson is a medical school with a great reputation.


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Ex-Chairman Archie and State Rep. Evans maneuvered over who would get MLK High contract, a report asserts

Martha Woodall and Susan Snyder

Inquirer Staff Writers

State Rep. Dwight Evans and Robert L. Archie Jr., former chairman of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission, waged a relentless Godfather-style campaign to ensure that a New Jersey nonprofit would win a contract to manage Martin Luther King High School and, when that failed, pressured the Atlanta company that won the contract to back out.…

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Merging UMDNJ and Rutgers could be more difficult than planned, education officials say

Kelly Heyboer/ The Star-Ledger

It sounds easy enough: Take two of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey’s schools and its cancer institute and merge them into Rutgers University.

But in reality, folding pieces of one university into another is legally complicated and potentially costly, higher education officials say.

What happens to workers’ union contracts?…

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Christie gives preliminary OK to Rutgers, UMDNJ med school merger

The union representing more than 3,500 nurses and health professionals at UMDNJ noted that the report contained “no full explanation of the financial costs or impact of the mergers.”

“Even the interim report noted that they have not yet looked at the impact on jobs, and that ‘additional study’ was required,” Ann Twomey, president of the Health Professionals and Allied Employees, said in a statement.…

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