Higher Education Organizing Reimbursement: Clarified Guidelines

Purpose: To recruit new members to the respective locals/chapters. Organizing reimbursement is intended to provide assistance to locals for organizing nonmembers.  

Activities and items covered:

  • Items purchased to provide to new members to encourage membership
  • Nonmember, special meetings, snacks,  lunches, dinners, etc., for recruitment purposes
  • Recruiter stipends for nonofficers

Activities and items not covered *:  

  • Items purchased to provide to existing members; giveaways to maintain membership
  • Regularly scheduled meetings, snacks, lunches, dinners, banquets, etc., with existing members 
  • Data bases, office supplies, any item typically required for normal functioning of a local/chapter 
  • Any activity or item for which the local is already reimbursed by another source (i.e., no “double dipping” is permitted)
  • Recruiters who are members of their respective executive boards/committees

* These are samples of activities and items not covered. The list is not necessarily exhaustive. When in doubt, inquire before assuming compensation.

If there is any doubt whether an activity, purchase or event will be covered, please contact Susanna Tardi in advance: tardis@aft-local-1796.org