Teacher evaluation talks with NJDOE continue

Building on talks that began during the summer, AFTNJ pre K-12 vice presidents on Oct. 13 spoke with Pete Mazzagatti from the office of evaluation at the New Jersey Department of Education about teacher evaluation models for this academic year.

Sample portfolio observations was among the topics discussed. “As part of the FAQ, we are incorporating some ideas here of what could be good examples of these things,” Mazzagatti said, citing lessons, unit plans and examples of online communications set up by teachers.

“There’s a lot of different things that we’re seeing here that really paints the picture of what remote instruction looks like, which ultimately is what we’re trying to do with requiring the portfolio itself,” he added.

Mazzagatti also said that the Charlotte Danielson model, among the NJDOE’s approved teacher practice evaluation instruments, is “a good place to pull from.”

“I always tell people all the time: ‘Look, no matter what district you are, ‘[The] Framework for Teaching’ is a great book,” he said.