Poll: N.J. parents want regular teacher access for their children and themselves

A recent poll of 600 parents of children in New Jersey public schools shows 97 percent said it would be helpful if their children could have regular live access to their teacher, such as through online sessions or phone/video calls. 

Additionally, 96 percent of the surveyed parents felt the same about having regular contact with or access to their child’s teacher.

Global Strategy Group partnered with JerseyCAN and the New Jersey Children’s Foundation to conduct the online poll Oct. 7-16. According to GSC, “Care has been taken to ensure the geographic and demographic divisions of public-school parents are properly represented.”

Other key findings:

  • 44 percent of parents are concerned whether their family will be able to afford internet access; 64 percent of low-income parents — defined as those with a total income less than $50,000 annually — share the same concern.
  • 58 percent of parents are very concerned with ensuring that their child feels safe and emotionally at ease during this time.