Local 2187’s Castiglione commends Kean’s Repollet

A recent meeting involving AFT/AFTNJ personnel and Kean University President Dr. Lamont O. Repollet left a good impression on attendee Dr. James A. Castiglione, president of the Kean Federation of Teachers (Local 2187).

“I think this sends a great signal that instead of relying on a traditional adversarial labor management posture of contention and fighting, it shows that Dr. Repollet is a very forward-thinking president,” Dr. Castiglione said in an Oct. 5 story by The Tower’s Zoe Strozewski. “He understands the important role that labor unions play in public colleges and universities.”

He added, “We have been very appreciative of the inclusive and professional manner in which he [Repollet] has engaged us, and we really believe it bodes very well for the future of the university. It will really help vault the university into higher realms of achievement because we’re all going to be working together and seeking common ground and effective solutions to the problems that jointly confront us.”

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