Rutgers students, workers march to demand $15 minimum wage on campus

Alexis Johnson, NJ Advance Media for

Hundreds of Rutgers students and unionized employees rallied Friday in a continued push for higher wages for all campus workers.


Members of Rutgers’ faculty union, the American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers, also attended the rally. They pledged to stand in solidarity with the students while also fighting for union workers’ rights.

“What’s been happening is that tuition is going up. We have very few scholarships and fellowships left,” said Deepa Kumar, a Rutgers professor and president of the faculty union.

“Our students have to work to make ends meet, which they shouldn’t have to do. And then being paid a wage that doesn’t allow you to pay your rent, to pay your bills, to pay your tuition. That’s just wrong,” Kumar said.