Union Mourns Death of Higher Education: Funeral March Demands Faculty Contracts and Adjunct Equity

By Dana Jarvis, News Editor

Montclair State University faculty and staff union members organized an unusual protest yesterday, marching from Café Diem to the front of College Hall to mourn the death of higher education under Gov. Chris Christie.

The mock funeral procession included umbrellas and a casket with the words “RIP State-Wide Contracts” displayed proudly on the front.

Members of the union at Montclair State along with eight other New Jersey colleges participated in the hopes of gaining administration and student attention about two issues: a lack of contract for full-time faculty and staff as well as poor working conditions for adjunct professors.

Rain wasn’t in the forecast, but in the short time it took the group of about 40 people to solemnly progress down the hill toward the main entrance, heavy rain pelted attendees, solidifying the dreary tone of the event. Although the weather wasn’t planned, it seemed to cooperate with the theme the group was going for.