Stockton faculty join statewide rallies for new contract

Diane D’Amico, Staff Writer

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — About 200 Stockton University faculty members, staff and students joined their counterparts at public colleges across the state Wednesday in protesting their lack of a contract after almost two years and what they called an overall lack of support for higher education.

“Our message is simple,” said Tim Haresign, a Stockton professor and president of the Council of State College Locals, AFT/AFL-CIO, which represents the faculty. “The state of New Jersey and the college presidents need to support affordable, accessible and quality higher education.”

He thanked students for their support, saying it is their energy and commitment that drives the colleges.

“To the presidents, I say ‘shame on you,’” he said. “We have gone almost two years without a contract. You know how hard we work for students. The presidents have the power. Use your authority to get us a fair contract now.”

The state college contracts are negotiated as a group by the state, with input from the college presidents. Haresign said they feel like they are getting close to an agreement with the state on salaries, but believe that not all of the college presidents are on board, which is why rallies were planned at all nine state colleges.