Rutgers President Robert Barchi gets $97K performance bonus

By Patricia Alex, Staff Writer, The Record

Rutgers University President Robert L. Barchi is guaranteed a full year’s pay – more than $676,260 – beyond the end of his contract next year, and he was recently granted a performance bonus of $97,000.

Rutgers’ governing board quietly approved both perks recently, using superlatives like exemplary and extraordinary to describe Barchi’s tenure at the helm following a year in which the school was buffeted by sports scandals. These included charges against football players in felonies and the ouster of the athletic director and football coach, which brought negative publicity to New Jersey.


David Hughes, an anthropology professor who heads the faculty union, said Barchi’s bonus alone could hire many part-time lecturers, who make $5,000 a semester.

“We could solve a lot of problems on the teaching end by being a little less generous to top administrators,” Hughes said.