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R2RMerge claims George Norcross said the merger of Rowan and Rutgers-Camden would cost billions


This flier from the Rutgers-Camden student group R2RMerge was found in a Jersey City grocery store on April 15.An official estimate of the cost to merge two universities in southern New Jersey has not been released, but a student group claims a Democratic power broker put a multibillion-dollar price tag on the proposal.

R2RMerge, a student movement at Rutgers-Camden, has taken to the web and to the streets to rally opposition to a plan to merge their school with Rowan University in Glassboro. The group is soliciting signatures for an online petition, as well as distributing literature to stop the controversial merger.

A flier from the group found April 15 in a Jersey City grocery store states: “TAKEOVER OF RUTGER$ CAMDEN WILL COST NEW JER$EY BILLION$”

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