Former principal Roger Leon chosen as Newark’s new superintendent

By Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat

Former principal and veteran administrator Roger Leon has been chosen as Newark’s new schools chief — its first since the city regained control of its schools.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday night, the school board chose Leon — a Newark native backed by local elected officials — over two candidates with extensive experience in other large urban districts, but whose outsider status put them at a disadvantage.…

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Newark Teachers Union calls for end to extended-school-day programs, citing contract violations

Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat

The head of the Newark Teachers Union is calling on the district to abolish school-improvement efforts that ask teachers at certain schools to work longer hours in return for extra pay.

About 30 district schools have extended days, which teachers must agree to in writing each year. According to an email that the union president sent to the district’s interim superintendent on Tuesday, some principals pressured teachers to sign those agreements this week before they have had a chance to look for positions at other schools.…

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Newark Schools – Handing Back The Keys Is A Start

John M. Abeigon
John M. Abeigon
Twenty-two years of state takeover of the Newark Public Schools came to an end on February 1, 2018. Books have been written on the subject and no doubt more will be written in the future. Hundreds of newspaper articles and opinion pieces have been published regarding the infamous $100 million Facebook donation. Most of that donation went to settle labor contracts (two years in arears, mind you), but the balance was consumed by so-called education reform groups and consultants.…

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Profile: Newark Interim Superintendent Could Be In For The Long Haul

John Mooney, NJ Spotlight

Robert Gregory rises through the school ranks as Newark regains local control


A teacher favorite? The Newark Teachers Union is no small player in the discussion, and its president John Abeigon said it is withholding judgment for now on the search process and any potential candidates.

“We’ll work with whoever they select,” Abeigon said yesterday.…

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