Teacher-rights watchdog

Tina Pappas, Montclair Local

Former Mayor and present councilman Robert Russo was once arrested–but for a good cause.

As a Newark teacher, he led the 1970 strike for fair living wages and was arrested with 200 other teachers during a demonstration downtown marching against what he referred to as “a corrupt city government and board of education.”

Recently, Russo was reelected as Vice President for Higher Education at the American Federation of Teachers New Jersey (AFTNJ).…

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Hero: Dorothea Graham-King

Dorothea Graham-King

Dorothea Graham-King and Donna Chiera

Local: Hudson CCC Support Staff Federation
Since Dorothea Graham-King was elected to office she has shown major responsibility in making sure that our members read and understand their rights as written in the contract. She spends a lot of time on many union issues and does the research when it comes to protecting the rights of our members, as well as ensuring that the contract negotiations take place in a timely manner.…

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Hero: Charlene Martucci

TESU hero
Tim Haresign, Donna Chiera

Local: Thomas Education U, AFT
Charlene Martucci is a perfect example of the phrase “lead by example.” Charlene attends all public employee meetings and has an understanding how our locals are part of a much broader and larger labor organization. She encourages her members to volunteer their lunch hours at the AFL-CIO to assist them in whatever task they are working on.…

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Hero: Margaret (Marge) Rosen

UAFNJ local hero
Leonard Winogora, Elaine Bobrove, Donna Chiera

Local: United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey
Marge Rosen has been working as an adjunct professor of Math at Mercer CC for 18 years. For 15 of these years she was a member of the Executive Board of her AFT chapter. She served as President/Chapter Chair for the last 12 years, where she constantly fought to advance the position of the adjunct faculty at the college.…

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Hero: Dr. Frank Argote-Freyre

KFT local hero
James Castiglione, Frank Argote-Freyre, Donna Chiera

Local: Kean Federation of Teachers
Frank has served our union and students with compassion and distinction in his role as KFT member and as a member of the board of the Latino Action Network (LAN). In these capacities, he testified at the Legislature in support of legislation to curb abuses of students by New Jersey’s student loan program, legislation that was signed into law last year.…

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