Steep Cost Of NJ’s Public Colleges Works Against Students, Hurts State

By Meir Rinde

Making a college education out-of-reach financially encourages students to attend school elsewhere — and they rarely return

The high cost of college and the staggering burden of student loan debt have spurred a variety of funding initiatives and policy plans at the national and state levels, from lottery-funded merit scholarships to proposed major expansions of federal subsidies.…

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State Budget For Education Is Tight, But Newark Schools May Get $20m Boost In Aid

By John Mooney


Some names were conspicuously missing from the letter to Christie, including some outspoken critics of the administration like state Sen. Ronald Rice Sr. and the Newark Teachers Union.

Last night, NTU president John Abeigon said he was never invited to sign the letter but nonetheless agreed it was hard to argue with the letter’s intent.…

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College Affordability Commission Gets Suggestions From Professors

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News

Professors give suggestions to College Affordability Study Commission Professors give suggestions to College Affordability Study Commission
The New Jersey College Affordability Study Commission is getting input from faculty members on how to control the costs of higher education.

Susanna Tardi is a sociology professor at William Paterson University. She says one area to examine is the rampant increase in student fees.…

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Testimony for College Affordability Task Force Offers Ideas for Efficiency, Savings for Students

AFTNJ Higher Education Executive Vice President Sue Tardi, a professor from William Paterson, and Rutgers professors Dan O’Connor and Patrice Mareschal testified in Trenton for the College Affordability Task Force. The group offered a variety of recommendations for reducing college and student debt, improving emphasis on academics on and increasing accountability in Trenton.

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Higher Education Affordability Committee

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AFT New Jersey President Donna M. Chiera Calls for a Peoples’ Budget

Contact: Nat T. Bender, 908-377-0393

EDISON—American Federation of Teachers New Jersey president Donna M. Chiera on Chris Christie’s budget proposal:
“Governor Christie is trying to create a false narrative that public workers need to pay more for less health care in order to balance the state budget. The reality is that New Jersey’s teachers, nurses, firefighters and dedicated public servants already pay high premiums and should not be asked to pay more.…

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