Rising Debt Engulfs Colleges as Well as Students

By Don Troop

President Obama took aim last week at rising levels of student borrowing, but two graduate students in sociology say the real culprit for growing college debt is Wall Street.

In a report posted last week on the Web site of the Scholars Strategy Network, Charlie Eaton and Jacob Habinek, doctoral candidates at the University of California at Berkeley, assert that the expanding burden of tuition debt is “partly driven by the indebtedness universities have taken on.” Public research universities have passed along their own debt to students by raising tuition and fees by an average of 56 percent from 2002 to 2010, say the authors, who work in the branch of sociology known as financialization.…

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Ready for a $200K bachelor’s degree? Tuition at N.J. colleges continues to rise

By Kelly Heyboer/ The Star-Ledger

NEWARK — Are students and parents ready for the $200,000 bachelor’s degree?

As college costs continue to climb, undergraduate tuition and fees at New Jersey’s costliest universities will top $40,000 this year. Once room and board are added in, the total bill for students living on campus at three local schools — Stevens Institute of Technology, Drew University and Princeton University — will easily top $200,000 over four years.…

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