Spotlight Q&A: Arthur Levine On Raising The Bar For New Teachers

By John Mooney
Renowned critic of traditional teacher-education programs talks about theory versus practice and how to raise the standards for education schools.

Arthur Levine has never been shy about expressing his views on teacher education, and specifically what he thinks isn’t working. The former president of Columbia University’s Teachers College, Levine has been a leading critic of traditional teacher programs in colleges and universities for having too low standards and inadequate results.…

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Walton foundation donates $2 million to Newark Teach For America

By Dan Goldberg/The Star-Ledger

NEWARK — Newark’s Teach for America is getting a boost from the Walton Family Foundation, which has pledged $2 million to the program that brings young teachers into under-served classrooms.

Newark was one of several cities that will share the $20 million donation from the foundation.

“With this critical investment, Teach For America will be able to bring effective teachers into some of the most under-resourced classrooms in the country while simultaneously working to develop more of our talented corps members as long-term champions of educational equity and excellence,” said Matt Kramer, co-chief executive officer of Teach For America.…

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Abrupt For-Profit Closures Surprise Regulators

By Kelly Field

Tracy DeLorey was only three months away from graduation in January when she learned, via Facebook, that her college, American Career Institute, had closed. The news, she said, “was a kick in the face.”

“I wasted a year and a half,” said Ms. DeLorey, a single mother of three who works at the commissary at Hanscom Air Force Base, in Massachusetts.…

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