Every classroom has a story.
Every school community has a story.
What is yours?

We all know the great things that happen in our schools every day. Each public school has a special place in the hearts of parents, students and the people who work there. With the very idea of public education under attack, now is the time to show why you love your school.

public school proud box

What special project has your class pursued?
How do your students inspire you?
How are parents involved in the life of your school?

Ready To Get Started?
1. Make It A Group Effort: Ask your colleagues to work with you in your school and around the district. Share this one-page document.
2. Make It Happen: Plan events, make videos, or just take photos
3. Keep It Legal: If you are including students in photos or video, get the accompanying consent form completed
4. Make It Viral: Upload to Facebook or Twitter with hashtag #PublicSchoolProud and tag @AFTNJ


#publicschoolproud because...
Write in why you are #PublicSchoolProud
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Download and write in name of school

Public School Proud